Sunday, November 6, 2011

Welcome baby Wyatt

Since Wyatt has been born Dean loves his brother but he has had his terrible 2 moments. What better to solve this than you got it a little chocolate.

What a fun weekend! We loved having Jeff's parents and sister Emily up for the weekend, right away Dean loved Aunt Emily if she was in the room he wanted to be with her. We had a great day trip to Leavenworth a cute German town, and as Jeff pushed Dean in the stroller Dean had to be holding Emily's hand or he was not happy this is how attached he became, it was so fun to see them together. I wish I had my camera to show you a picture of this. We all loved eating at Blueberry Hills this is the best breakfast place I have ever been too. All in all the trip went by so fast and Wyatt looked so handsome (Thank you Wendy for the blessing outfit). Wyatt recieved a wonderful priesthood blessing given by Jeff and his dad Martin and my dad Bill stood in for the blessing.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trip to Stehiken

My favorite picture from our trip!

I love the mountains behind Jeff in this picture taken just before we boarded the express to go home. Big thanks to Haley for watching Dean so we could enjoy a little get away just the 2 of us.

The most beautiful garden next to Mare's. We enjoyed the huge flowers and ate some elbow dripping peaches that were brought in from Brownfield Orchard. We go to Stehiken to eat peaches from right here in Chelan and owned by our good friends, ha ha. Other highlights from the trip include; pastries from the bakery, and eating dinner at the ranch.

A great pregnant shot of me at the bottom of rainbow falls..

Relaxing in the Adirondack chairs and admiring the beautiful view and peace and quiet. But right before this Jeff and I walked out to the edge and jumped in the lake yeah it was freezing and took my breath away, but still refreshing and worth it.

3 hour boat ride to Stehiken on the Express Boat.

I love having family come visit it gives us a reason to act like tourist during the summer. We enjoyed renting a boat and playing on the lake all day. Having a BBQ at the state park and having ice cream there. Eating breakfast at Blueberry Hills (and sampling blueberries because it was to early to pick any). We ended the weekend with a night sitting at Campbells watching the fireworks for the 4th of July!

I just had to add this picture of my sister and her fiance(husband here in a week.) Congratulations and we are so happy for you two and welcome Brandon, Camy, and, Tyvan into the family! We love you guys and had so much fun having you at our home for the 4th of July! We are sad we will miss your wedding..

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Father's Day and Hinckley Family Reunion

Jeff had a fabulous Father's Day starting on Friday with a home cooked sea food dinner fresh mussels and salmon. Then Saturday he played in the stake mens golf tournament, and on Sunday Dean and I suprized him with BYU T-shirts for the whole family even baby Wyatt! Oh yeah and his favorite a big cookie with #1 Dad frosted on it! Thanks Jeff for being such an excellent husband and father we sure love you!

Way to go Emily for planning a wonderful family get together on the Oregon Coast. We stayed in a beautiful beach house that was a minute walk from the ocean. The men enjoyed going deep sea fishing and caught a lot of link-cod, sea bass and crab then they came home a cooked up a big feast for us mmmm good. Meanwhile the rest of us went to Pig n Pancakes and shopping at the outlets in Lincoln City. The big Kite Festival was also going on and we had fun sitting on the beach watching people compete with stunt kites to music was really fun. We all enjoyed spending time on the sandy beach Dean loved having his cousins and Uncle Ryan bury him in the sand. We all enjoyed going to the aquarium and light house as well. Thanks for an awesome weekend everyone we sure love you all and can't wait for next year's get together!

Dean loved the Children's Museum in Portland! His cousins Annie and Katie had a blast showing him around starting at the shopping center which Dean was a natural at after all of our adventures to Walmart:) Then they raced him off to the water room which I think was his favorite! He also really liked the digging pit. I wish we had a place like that here in Chelan. Thanks Wendy for taking us all there!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hinckley's March Happiness

Dean getting a hair cut from Jeff was so fun to watch and luckily I had a dum dum to keep little Dean occupied!

A great weekend spend in Seattle! We enjoyed the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival at the Seattle Center and meet up with Jeff's friend from dental school, Justin and his adorable family!

Outside the Boise Temple after my parents got sealed!! Unfortunately this is the only picture I have from the short weekend and yes Jeff is there standing being my nephew Brock and Dean's head is sticking out to the side of Brock's head. It was a great weekend and congratulations Mom and Dad we love you!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dean's Party

Happy 1st Birthday Dean! He enjoyed having a few friends over and eating pizza and cupcakes at our house. He didn't really dig into the cake to much but he did like it! The first and last picture are at Dean's Grandma Perron's. Grandma and Aunt Brooke took Dean to the Pet store after he opened some cool presents!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Corfu, Greece

We got on a bus and rode 20 minutes out of town to the famous Achilleon Palace which Elizabeth Hapsburg built because she loved Greece so much. She was very fond of Greek Mythology and Achilles was her favorite she had many statues of the Gods all around and in her home. The view from her back courtyard was beautiful overlooking the town and the coast. It was fun to tour her home and then we saw the famous Mouse Island and went to the big shopping center and ate some local cuisine some delicious eggplant lasagna it was scrumptious!
Bloopers from the trip
I thought i would show off my balancing skills on a short bus ride to our plane on the runway in Paris. Seconds later the driver hit the brakes and I had to adjust my feet to keep from falling over. As I did this I stomped on someones foot behind me and it sounded like an old lady yelping loudly I didn't dare turn around. But of course I had to and there was a man in his nice business suit. Sorry I said and he said no worries it'll be something to remember the trip by. Luckily I didn't have the seat next to him.
On our 7am flight from Venice to Paris I noticed the front of the plane was rather empty. I thought it would be nice to have my own row and get a little more sleep. As we took off and the instance the seat belt sign went off I left my seat near the back of the plane and swiftly moved to the 3rd row. A minute later the flight attendant got up and closed some curtains 2 rows behind me, and as I was putting it together that I was now seated in first class the flight attendant put a delicious breakfast in front of me. My delicious breakfast consisted of a few slices of cheese with a baguette, some fresh fruit and a creme brulle. Needless to say Jeff was rather jealous. I thought to bad this isn't the flight from Paris to Seattle!
Ok for the last silly thing that happened and don't ask me why they all happened to me. As Jeff and I stroll through the streets of Venice I start to feel thirsty and see a cute little water fountain. It has a beautiful stream of water and I have to bend down quite low to get a big drink. Jeff is baffled and looking at me and the fountain and I come up saying why is this fountain so low. He says yeah I don't know what that is for but I don't think you should have drank out of it. Then I realize it is for pets/dogs. After having a bad stomach flu on our last vacation. I began to get worried that I was going to get sick. The rest of that day I was overly paranoid that I was going to get sick any minute. Thank heavens I was fine and never got sick from the cute little dog watering fountain.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010